Schaumburg Health Summit

May 18, 2019

Fairfield Inn & Suites - Schaumburg

2019 Schaumburg Health Summit Speaker* -

Melissa Armstrong

*Speaker lineup subject to change

Melissa Armstrong is a global wellness coach who has helped thousands of clients achieve healthy skin naturally. She owns Cleanse In Truth Skincare with her husband, located in Inverness, IL across from Harper College.

Through this skincare clinic, she works with male and female clients of nearly all ages performing advanced healing wholistic organic custom skin treatments (i.e. not your conventional facial) and providing individual functional skin education

She is a volunteer mentor on an Acne Clearing Forum Membership Academy known as the Love Vitamin created by Tracy Raftl. Melissa began her teaching career teaching skin cancer prevention for world renown surgical dermatologists over a decade ago and is now sought globally for her wholistic skin care methods techniques and vast knowledge on functional skin repair and renewal.

Clients fly in to experience her customized authentic approach to skin healing. She is a visionary who helped grow the green wholistic organic skincare movement from its infancy and she is only beginning. As a former severe depression and acne sufferer, she knows firsthand the emotional toll skin issues can have on one's confidence.

She is on a mission to help free people from skin issues so they can feel comfortable with themselves by releasing any cover-ups or fallacies surrounding their inner and outer healing.


Phone: 224.653.8586



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